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    Duality is a hand-embroidered unisex suede jacket inspired by androgyny. The jacket is a symbol of honest self expression. It explores the space between the "masculine" and the "feminine", where identity functions without absolutes. It aims to empower individuals to break free of stereotypes and find comfort in their own skin.

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    IC Travel Story- Bangkok & Krabi

    IC Travel Story- Bangkok & Krabi

    A jam-packed itinenary filled with long walks, delicious local flavours, balmy nights and sun soaked days- Thailand was the perfect choice for my week long getaway.

    With my rucksack filled to capacity, I knew I had to travel light and smart, carry pieces that I could mix and match and make maximum use of during my trip. That's where the Swing vest came in- Light, comfortable, trendy and fun, it was the absolute best choice for my vacation.

    Tailored beautifully, this jacket was the right balance of style and comfort in the sub-tropical summer heat of Thailand. Its open front and unlined sleeveless design kept the air coming in. Wearing it was an absolute breeze! 

    It's versatility made it so easy to style multiple outfits. I wore it with dresses, while I walked my feet sore around marketplaces, and shrugged it off my bikini for a cool dip in the lagoon. Layering it over my turquoise jumpsuit carried me from a day of relaxing to a romantic dinner by the waves. And of course it kept me looking fly over a comfy casual outfit while I skipped into trains and nodded off in buses.

     It gave my laid-back looks a feminine flirty touch. The cute fringe at the bottom painted the most romantic picture as I stood at the nose of my windy speed boat in Krabi, and hurried up the stairs of the train station in Bangkok. It truly helped make my trip just a little more special! Thank you Indie Culture!

    leather vest

     (Photographs by Rahul Ramesh)

    Vishnu Valsan for IC'17

    Vishnu Valsan for IC'17

    When gorgeous art marries functional design. We kick started 2017 with a collaboration with Kochi based artist and illustrator- Vishnu Valsan. 

     A fashion designer from NIFT, Chennai, Vishnu's inimitable style is defined by his understanding of the ebbs and flows of clothing and his ability to capture texture with a few precise brush strokes.

    While brainstorming ideas for a collaboration together, we decided to do a set of frameable prints, that were inspired by, and for the IC woman. Vishnu chose 3 of his favourite pieces from our collection and came up with trendy styling options for the pieces. He paired the jackets with beautifully detailed, delicate pieces that complimented the rich bold textures of leather perfectly. He also keep the pieces monochromatic, two with an intricate pattern detail, to really offset the tan, blue and black of the IC garments.

    Taking cues from the Pantone colour of of the year 2017, 15-0343 Greenery, we drew inspiration from it's tones of energy, vitality and vibrancy. By juxtaposing the freshness of greenery with the earthiness of leather, we were able to create a collection of prints that were fresh and modern that could be framed or simply displayed in any home or office.

    And these were the results! Madrid, Cooper and The Suede Bomber.



    One of these three stunning prints will be included in all orders of apparel from www.indieculture.in, from the 1st of January until the 31st of March. A perfect way to transition from winter to spring! 

    Make sure to include a note at checkout during your purchase, if you have a preference- we just can't seem to be able to pick a favourite!

    3 Stylists. 1 Suede Bomber. 4 Killer Looks!

    3 Stylists. 1 Suede Bomber. 4 Killer Looks!

    To start off our month of Blogger collaborations, here's a throwback on IC's first!

    Back in August, our favourite Bangalore based stylists showed us their unique take on our dark navy suede bomber and came up with 4 stunning looks! 

    Embodying class and functionality, the IC Suede bomber  effortlessly combines the best of sport and luxury clothing.  
    In this article, we will showcase the stylists' individual looks and get to know their sense of style a little better.


    The first look is by Aneela Krishnan, a fashion designer at Max (Landmark group). Having done knitwear design at Nift and worked in the fashion industry in India, she is a natural at designing and putting together elements that flatter and compliment the wearer. 

    By combining wardrobe staples with a few eclectic pieces, Aneela creates striking looks that always catch the eye. This casual chic look featuring our dark navy suede bomber looks simply effortless! Paired with a corduroy button down skirt, white crop top, and minimal jewellery, Aneela has chosen our light-weight suede bomber to be the statement piece in her ensemble. By layering it with a patterned flannel shirt, she gives the look a fun, flirty vibe- perfect for a girls' day out! 


    "This one is for them lazy girls!"

    Aarya Mathai, a senior stylist at Myntra believes that to look good and feel confident, you have to dress for your body type. 
    When she puts together the latest trends for her clients, she never compromises on their comfort and individuality.
    Her personal style statement, reflected in her look with our IC Suede bomber, is a play on layers to create a unique look. The jacket is draped over layers of a classic slip dress worn on a basic white tee, with a lace detail on the dress accenting the luxurious texture of the suede beautifully.
     Completing the look with minimal jewellery and strappy stilettoes, Aarya has put together the perfect look that will take you straight from a boozy brunch to a fun night out. 

    Just touch up your lipstick, and you're good to go! .



    Our next look is from the lovely Swati Shandilya.
    Swati, a stylist at Chumbak, loves experimenting with blocks of colours when it comes to her personal style. 
    When it comes to styling her clients, she is an ardent believer in the philosophy that 'Simplicity never fails to impress'. Showcasing two looks with our Suede bomber, her style speaks for itself! 

    Swati's kept the pieces super simple. The jacket worn with a pair of fitted high waisted jeans, a deep neck crop top, and block heels, creates a relaxed look. 
    Worn with a choker and an elegant necklace, she let's the jacket pull the outfit together.

    This laid-back ensemble is designed to take you out and about during the day and straight to a casual dinner with friends. 

    Swati's second look is a wonderful take on autumn/winter with our Suede bomber

    The jacket worn with a fitted midi skirt and a turtle neck is the ultimate boho winter style statement. Throw in some boots and you've got yourself the ultimate look for those chilly days!

    With this comes the end of our wonderful collab with our 3 stylists Aneela, Aarya and Swati, each with their unique, stylish aesthetic.

    Follow them on instagram on @aaryaraaya, @neels.krish @swatishandilya to see more of their awesome personal styling!  . We can't thank them enough!

    Stay tuned for a month full of blogger collaborations and gorgeous looks from pieces in our collection to keep you warm and stylish this winter!

    We Are Live!

    We Are Live!

    Hi! I’m Indou Theagrajan. Welcome to Culture Cafe, the blog for our online fashion store www.indieculture.in.

    On paper, it would say I've studied fashion at NIFT, Chennai and Istituto Marangoni, Milan, but in reality I have been a student of fashion for the greater part of my life. 

    My 2-year stint studying and working in Milan was one of the best learning experiences, and during my time there, I loved observing what people wore on the streets (I'm not a creep I promise). I would watch them and try to figure out which pieces I'd like to own myself, how I would style it differently and what pieces I could adapt into my wardrobe. One of the first things that struck me, was how well the Milanese layered their outfits - turning simple pieces up a notch with the use of exquisite layers and outerwear - yes, even in summer.

    This made me reflect on the limited selection of fashionable outerwear in India. Having grown up in a family that has spent over 30 years in the leather industry, my appreciation for the material grew as I spent more time working with outerwear brands in Italy, and I spent my time delving into researching the available techniques of using leather. 

    Fortunately for me, my family was already running a leather tannery and factory that were founded on holistic, eco-friendly principles. I came home to Chennai, and threw myself into building the outerwear brand that I believe India needs.

    The result? Indie Culture - a leather-focussed fashion brand that uses the material in new and interesting ways, while keeping quality, affordability, and style at the top of the priority list.

    I took the site live today, my heart in my throat, because, even with all the planning and conceptualising, who am I kidding? I'm just starting out! But if there's one thing I am sure of, it's my designs. Every single garment in my collection is something that I would personally love to wear and gift to my friends and family. 

    I hope you think so, too.

    For more, follow the Indie Culture journey on Facebook and Instagram