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    Indie Culture, to us, means the freedom to embrace individuality. It is always in motion, constantly redefining society and trends. It is that independence - from borders, rules, and restriction, that forms the framework of our brand philosophy.


    For centuries, genuine leather and leather products have been synonymous with class, durability, and luxury. With Indie Culture, leather is more.

    We seek to add a fresh, new flavor to the Indian leather fashion industry. Our contemporary clothing, outerwear, and accessories are made to prove that there is more to this incredible material than just leather jackets and winter wear. We believe that while leather is tough and rugged, it can also be rendered soft and versatile.

    By tanning and manufacturing out of our own units, located in Chennai, India, we make sure that every step, from sourcing to sewing, follows EU export guidelines. We’re committed to making the process clean and efficient, using vegetable tanning techniques wherever possible, to give you the best leather quality in every product. 

    We purchase our hide exclusively from meat processing facilities, to ensure that no animals are harmed for the acquisition of leather, and make it our policy to never use exotic skins and fur.

    Mindful of our social responsibility, our units employ and empower locals, with skill-development training to hone them into experienced artisans. With this competent crew, we gear our manufacturing process towards a carefully crafted, minimum-waste producing model.


    Indie Culture was inspired by the satisfying feeling of putting together a great outfit. It was born from the magic of the statement piece - the item that instantly adds a spark to your ensemble. Every product we create caters to this feeling. When you shop online at Indie Culture, you can choose from a stylish range of apparel and accessories, pieces that fit your fashion sense and your lifestyle.

    Indie Culture’s leather designs are made to transition, from day to night, from work to out-and-about. They’re designed to be wearable and fashionable in any city, from Madras to Milan.

    Built to be your shield, travel companion, and partner in crime, an Indie Culture leather garment gives you the freedom to be the best versions of yourself. To work, to travel, to make memories, and to wear something beautiful and durable while you do it all.