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    IC Travel Story- Bangkok & Krabi

    IC Travel Story- Bangkok & Krabi

    A jam-packed itinenary filled with long walks, delicious local flavours, balmy nights and sun soaked days- Thailand was the perfect choice for my week long getaway.

    With my rucksack filled to capacity, I knew I had to travel light and smart, carry pieces that I could mix and match and make maximum use of during my trip. That's where the Swing vest came in- Light, comfortable, trendy and fun, it was the absolute best choice for my vacation.

    Tailored beautifully, this jacket was the right balance of style and comfort in the sub-tropical summer heat of Thailand. Its open front and unlined sleeveless design kept the air coming in. Wearing it was an absolute breeze! 

    It's versatility made it so easy to style multiple outfits. I wore it with dresses, while I walked my feet sore around marketplaces, and shrugged it off my bikini for a cool dip in the lagoon. Layering it over my turquoise jumpsuit carried me from a day of relaxing to a romantic dinner by the waves. And of course it kept me looking fly over a comfy casual outfit while I skipped into trains and nodded off in buses.

     It gave my laid-back looks a feminine flirty touch. The cute fringe at the bottom painted the most romantic picture as I stood at the nose of my windy speed boat in Krabi, and hurried up the stairs of the train station in Bangkok. It truly helped make my trip just a little more special! Thank you Indie Culture!

    leather vest

     (Photographs by Rahul Ramesh)