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    The leather that we use for our collections is from our own tannery in Chennai. We maintain complete control of every step of the process, from the sourcing of the hide to its processing into high quality leather.

    Our artisans handcraft every Indie Culture leather product that you buy online. They handpick the best of the leather and manually cut the most suitable skins into the panels of the garment, avoiding any natural flaws and damage. Keeping the process manual also reduces wastage, and makes sure our quality standards are met by every leather garment and accessory in our collection.


    Caring For Your Leather



    Let's break it down a little more.

    Finished Nappa Leather Care

    • Finished Nappa goes through every possible stage of the tanning process. This means that the finish of the leather and it’s colouring is solid and uniform, and almost water repellant.
    • This type of leather can be maintained by buffing it with a dry cloth. If that sheen isn’t enough, lightly iron it, at below 30 deg C, with a cotton cloth kept in between the iron and the leather.
    • If the jacket gets a little wet, just wipe it off with a soft cloth, and let it dry slowly away from extreme heat. That doesn’t mean you can let it get soaked, though, so stay out of the rain!

    Washed Nappa Leather

    • This leather is less processed, and goes through semi-vegetable tanning. With normal wear and handling, the leather polishes itself over time, and gradually improves on its own sheen and beauty.
    • After the shell of the garment is stitched, it goes through special washes at our tannery. This gives it a rugged, unique two-tone colour pattern. The process has a different effect on every piece, so no two garments are exactly alike. Iron it on a low heat for extra sheen.
    • If it gets a little wet, the material will darken. Don’t panic! Just wipe it with a dry cloth, and let it dry in a cool place, and it should come back to normal. Do not iron the garment when it is wet. If it gets very wet, you can call a leather cleaning specialist.

     Suede Leather Care

    • Suede comes from the inner layer of the leather, which becomes exposed after the topmost, grainy layers of the skin are removed. Indie Culture suede is processed by semi-vegetable tanning.
    • In comparison to nappa leather, it falls more gently and feels more luxurious. Since it’s textured and has open pores, suede can become dirty easily and absorb liquids quickly.
    • Clean suede using a suede brush, which has a wire-bristled side for brushing off debris and a rubber-bristled side for buffing the nap of the suede. A brush like that will remove dust, dirt, and even scuff marks. If you can’t find a suede brush, you could use a textured cloth.
    • Keep your perfume and cologne sprays away from this precious, delicate material! Make sure to never iron suede or get it wet, it will damage the piece.