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    Welcome to IC rentals!

    Indie Culture now offers you a collection of leather garments outside of our retail collection on a short-term basis. The rental collection is currently open for our customers in our two home bases of Chennai and Bangalore.

    Why rentals?

    Cost factor:
    Our customers can now get the experience of having a high-quality leather jacket from Indie Culture at a fraction of the cost of owning one. With a flexible payment plan, jackets from this collection can now be rented strictly on a need basis. You can take an IC jacket with you for an event, a vacation or even just a weekend getaway. 

    Access to latest trends:
    With the ascent of cheap fast-fashion clothing options, customers have access to the latest trends at really affordable prices. On the contrary, purchasing a good quality, long lasting piece of clothing is more expensive and an investment on a single piece of attire. With our rental scheme we aim to fill this gap. 

    Zero maintenance:
    Leather jackets are meant to be broken into and worn often. The texture and hand-feel is known to get better with use. With our rental plan, these jackets get the loving they deserve while saving you the effort of upkeep and preserving your jacket the right way.

    Find out more about why we at Indie Culture launched this rental plan and our path to a more sustainable fashion business by reading our blog post:

    rent a leather jacketrent a leather jacket

    How does it work?

    We've devised a simple solution to break it down. Similar to our IC 'Made to order' plan, we will fix you an appointment to meet with our designer in person and check out the jackets. This ensures you find the right size and style for you.  
    We offer you 5 day, 12 day and 20 day rentals. 
    The Rental fee is as follows:

    • 5 days- Rs.1,500/-
    • 12 days- Rs.2,800/-
    • 20 days- Rs.4,000/-

    At the time of renting you will make a payment of Rs.6000/-, which includes the rental fee and a security deposit. 
    When you return your jacket we will deduct the rental fee from the fixed cost of Rs.6000/-. 
    Our initial roll out will feature limited sizing styles, which we plan to scale up in the months to come. 
    To fix an appointment and rent your jacket get in touch on indou@indieculture.in or call us on +91 9841082085. 


    In-house cleaning & care for rental jackets:

    We will do a thorough check and in-house dry clean of each jacket between rentals. 
    When a jacket is rented out more than 4 times or a cumulative 20 days (whichever comes first) we will replace the entire inner lining of the jacket so that the jacket remains fresh and clean. 

    Rental Rules:

    1. A copy of your address proof for security may be requested at the time of pick-up of the jacket.
    2. The jacket must be returned in the stipulated time period. We will levy a charge of Rs.100/- which will be deducted on your security deposit with every day of delay of delivery.
    3. The jacket must be returned in the same condition as it was lent. The security deposit amount will be fully refundable if the outfit is returned in good condition. We will use our discretion to judge if the jacket you return is in good condition based on our internal parameters. Minor issues with the jacket like wrinkles or small stains can be overlooked, but if the jacket is damaged significantly and the cost of repair is high, we will deduct a partial or full percentage of the security deposit. The remaining deposit amount will be returned by money transfer to your bank account.
    4. We hold the right to deny you our rental services.